Map of Ghana
Life  in  Ghana

Ghana is in West Africa, a country of 18 million people 
living in an area about the size of the state of Arkansas 

Facts about Ghana
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Children at the Bible College Kumasi
women carry large items on their heads
Note the baby
on her back
Street vendors sell just about everything

Kumasi traffic 
October 2000

Kumasi downtown
post office 



Downtown Kumasi - Ghana  October 2000

Woodcarvers in 
Accra Ghana
Accra Ghana 


Pounding fufu a main food item

Preparing lunches 
for the Christian School children

Stirring the pot


He is dressed in 
native mourning for a departed friend 

Beach Accra Ghana 

Beach Accra Ghana




Fishermen on the beach at Accra, Ghana 

Local boys playing 
on the compound at Bomso,Kumasi 

Click here for a traditional wedding in Ghana
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