Dr. Samuel Obeng - Christian servant and shepherd

Dr. Obeng's work spans over 40 years and includes founding the Bomso Church of Christ, the Ghana Bible College in Kumasi, The health Clinic at Bomso, and Christian schools for preschool through high school in both Bomso, and Bosheng, Kumasi
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Samuel Obeng and his wife Comfort 
December 2000
Photo by Jerry Reynolds 

Samuel in his office 
next to his home
Bomso - Kumasi   December 2000
Photo by Jerry Reynolds

Samuel's house on the right at the compound at Bomso, Kumasi

Samuel's day often starts before 7:00 meeting people under the tree to discuss their needs

Guest quarters at the Bomso compound is a converted garage with two bedrooms, kitchen, dining, and living room

Living quarters for the clinic workers is on the Bomso compound 

The clinic on the compound at Bomso

Just on the other side of the metal roof (Bomso Church of Christ) are the clinic classrooms used to train health care workers at Bomso

Dr. Obeng on the street to the computer school 

The street between the Bible College on the left and the Christian Schools on the right

The Benskin family from Austin Texas.  They killed a cobra on their porch this summer - just one of the adventures they have experienced!

Dan Boyd from Ft. Worth Texas 
Rosita Hunt is  from Australia 

Rosita is working at the Bomso clinic as a nutritionist 

Most photos on this page by David Parsley - Those by Jerry Reynolds are noted.

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