The early work  was started in 1961 when Jerry Reynolds and
Dewayne Davenport, supported by the Cedars Church of Christ
in Wilmington Delaware, began mission work in Ghana.

Photos were scanned from materials supplied by Dan and Anne Boyd

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Jerry and Jean Reynolds and children with Jane and Dewayne Davenport on their way to Ghana in 1961.
The Harold Derrs with 
the church at Obuasi
Samuel Obeng preparing 
to perform a baptism.
Samuel Obeng with one of 
the classes in his Christian 
Day Nursery School. 
Children attend here from 
9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Enrollment 
has reached as high as 140. 
Dan Boyd, minister and the Floyds of the Cedars congregation in Wilmington, Delaware bid Godspeed to several evangelist as they start a two months' tour of Ghana early in 1968.  from left Dan Boyd, Lee Rodgers, Jerry Reynolds, J.D. Parker, Charles Scott, Bro. and Sis. R.N. Floyd. Not shown: Charles Brown, Glen and Larry Nichols.
This is the site in 1968 
for the college dormitory.
Construction began early 
in 1969 with the digging 
of the foundation.
The foreman and mason 
laying the first block
of the lower level.
The outside walls going up. 
Windows and doors set with 
blocks up to 9 feet.  A carpenter 
checks the frames carefully to 
see that they are in line.
This was the dormitory 
in October 1969. 
Leo Miller was there 
from Wilmington, 
Delaware overseeing 
the construction.
Ghana School of 
class of 1969. 

Samuel Obeng 
on the right.

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