A traditional wedding in Ghana

The wedding party 
of the Bride 

The groom's spokesman 

The Groom's family 
discussing the dowry

The Bride and Groom
are given advise on

The groom's family arrives first and are seated.  Then after the brides family are seated, a spokesman for the groom, (usually his father),  will address the brides family and tell them that the groom has seen a girl that he wants to take for his wife.  Then the spokesman will introduce the members of the groom's family. 

The bride's spokesman will reply that this will be a great loss to our family, and ask what they are you prepared to offer for the bride.  Members of the groom's family will go to the side with an older woman as an advisor to discuss the dowry.  They will then return with the offer and if acceptable the girl will be brought out.

The first girl brought out may not actually be the one that the groom had expected.  When ask if this is the girl,  he would answer no and another girl is brought out.  This could take place several times until the real bride is brought out.  Then the couple exchange vows and rings.

Then an older woman from the bride's family counsels the new couple on the duties and responsibilities of marriage.  This is very detailed.  After this an older woman from the groom's family counsels the couple also on the duties and responsibilities of marriage.

The wedding can take over an hour and involves many of the family members.

This is the official marriage recognized by law.

The next day the couple will go to church to have the marriage blessed.