History of the church work in and around Yendi
By Jerry O. Reynolds


All photos' provided by Jerry Reynolds - taken December 2000
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After the great famine relief program in Ghana (1983-1984) there existed a great need for medical help. In 1985, we set up a primary health program in Kumasi to minister to the sick and to train Ghanian Christians in basic health care. It soon became obvious that any real health care program must begin with pure water. From this the water well program was started.

The Nsawam Road church in Accra took the lead in this, as they had in the food relief project, and they eventually turned it over to the Tema church.  Christian Nsoah, one of the evangelists at Tema, had chosen Northern Ghana as his area of work. (He was also one of Tema's first elders.) Drilling water wells seemed like a good door opener for evangelism. That part of Ghana has many Muslims and pagans, with very little "christian" activity of any kind. Water wells and health care did indeed open the door for Bible teaching in many places in North Ghana.

Around 1993, just as this worked looked so promising, a terrible war broke out. Thousands were killed over a senseless dispute over the sale of a Guinea fowl. (Actually, there has been long standing tribal hatred and dispute over land areas.) When this carnage ended our workers went back in to find great reception to their efforts. In the first 30 years we had started only 29 churches in North Ghana. In less than a decade now around 300 have been started.

This means that preachers must be trained as quickly as possible to start new churches and to nourish these "old" ones less than ten years old. Also, since  most in this area have never seen or heard a "church" before, they have to be taught everything - to sing, to worship, to pray, etc. They hear gladly, and this keeps us busy.

Today, working in Yendi, we have several Ghanian preachers, the well drillers, DanMcVey, a resident American missionary and currently three American families working with the Yendi clinic.  The clinic wives do the clinic work and the husbands work with this expanding church program. And there are several of us who go "short-term" each year to teach and help.

Sunday Services in Yendi 


The Village of  Lumpusi


bicycles that many of the preachers use to travel throughout the countryside



The water well drilling truck drills for clean water.Water Well Drilling Truck in Yendi  December 2000

The well provides clean water for the first  time in many lives

New well drilled in Yendi December 2000

Children in the village 

Round houses are typical in the north, these   are at the leper colony near Yendi

Jerry Reynolds at his round house in Yendi

More round houses at the leper colony

Lepers at the leper colony

Close up of a lepers hands.

The lepers after they were given new clothes


A mother has brought her 
child to the Yendi clinic


The boy below was bitten by a black cobra. Rushed  to the Yendi clinic, it took two doses of the anti venom to save his life.

This close up at the clinic shows the wound three weeks after the attack


     Village in the north


Typical roadside market - northern region

Bible classes at Lumpusi                            


Preacher training classes at Saboba - 40 miles east of Yendi


Bible classes at Lumpusi 

Upper East Region preachers attending the December (2000) seminar


Bible studies in Bolgatanga

The  market in  Bolgatanga 
Jerry Reynolds in the center



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